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The North Florida Green Chamber of Commerce knows that business can achieve economic success while being socially responsible and protecting the environment.  We support and recognize businesses that champion these efforts and we advocate for sound policies that further these values.  

A core part of the Green Chamber’s mission is backing initiatives to provide our members with simple, affordable and convenient access to the tools they need to succeed in their business while respecting people and protecting our planet.  This includes affordable access to sustainable products and services, innovative solutions to address critical issues currently facing our region and business-friendly regulation.  

We seek to advance legislation that encourages and incentivizes green economic priorities and to level the playing field through the review of current regulations.  

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The stories below are to keep you informed on legislation. These stories do not always represent the values of the NFGCC.

Saint Augustine Bans Styrofoam
Florida hires Resilience Office
What does the M-CORES legislation mean?

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