Green Marketplace

Business Name Kelco Recycling
Why your business is Green? Our ability to extract high percentages of recyclable material from our client’s waste stream translates into landfill disposal avoidance with the savings passed through to the customer.
ZIP 32250
Work Phone 904-254-1968
Business Name Jacksonville Symphony
Why your business is Green? We can about sustainability
ZIP 32202
Work Phone 904-354-0073
Tim Armstrong
Business Name Eat Your Yard Jax
Why your business is Green? We are focused on sustainable food systems through supporting organic local agriculture. We provide organically grown edible plants to those who wish to grow their own food or engage in community supported agriculture. We also host field trips and workshops to educate about the importance of sustainable local agriculture and how to participate in it.
ZIP 32219
Work Phone 9043439575
Craig Barzso
Business Name AltWays Solar
Why your business is Green? AltWays is an Independent Solar Agent representing certified solar contractors and installers. We provide free engineering and financial projections for commercial and residential projects. Does solar make sense for you? We'll give you an unbiased analysis and help connect you with the best contractor for your needs.
ZIP 32084
Work Phone 904-669-1844
Mike Bonts
Business Name Mike Bonts Public Relations
Why your business is Green? We’re sustainability marketing experts able to translate the good you do for people and the planet into business success for your brand or organization. We provide a unique blend of storytellers, marketing strategists, communications pros and audience researchers with experience in the energy, green construction and environmental space. Finally, we are a full-service marketing agency offering Public Relations, Digital Marketing, Branding, Media Relations and Go-To-Market Strategies.
ZIP 32205
Work Phone (904) 586-2708
Sarah Boren
Business Name U.S. Green Building Council Florida
Why your business is Green? Nonprofit striving for regenerative buildings within a generation
ZIP 32233
Work Phone 904-535-0055
Susan Carew
Business Name Duval Green School Program
Why your business is Green? Sustainability, Green schools
ZIP 32204
Work Phone 904-858-6362
Brandy Carvalho
ZIP 32034
Mary Chambliss
Business Name Mary Ann Chambliss, Architect
Why your business is Green? I promote sustainable practices, technologies, materials and methods to my clients and explain lifecycle costs and other factors that may influence their consumer choices when building a home, office or facility.
ZIP 32210
Work Phone 904.428.9372
Jean charles
Why your business is Green? Earth is the most precious gift!
ZIP 32254
Work Phone 904-662-0961
Tara Dodson
Business Name Full Circle Resource Management, LLC
Why your business is Green? Sustainability Consultants - Green products, reduced plastics, waste management
ZIP 32080
Work Phone 904-814-2172
Dave English
Business Name Cass Information Systems
ZIP 32256
Work Phone 314-506-5693
Sara Fagen
Business Name Eco Eclectic LLC
Why your business is Green? Selling and promoting sustainable products, shipping plastic free and with recycled materials, choosing sustainable options when it comes to business cards and promotional items, offering services for our community to make sustainability easy, accessible, and affordable, and partnering with non-profits to help spread awareness.
ZIP 32266
John Finotti
Business Name Tucker/Hall
Why your business is Green? We think what's good for the environment is good for our business.
ZIP 32207
Work Phone 904-493-5006
Margaret Gaffney-Cooke
Business Name Blue Leaf Design, Inc.
Why your business is Green? We are a licensed Landscape Architecture firm with a passion for sustainable resilient design
ZIP 32205
Work Phone 9045171225
Ellen Glasser
Business Name City of Atlantic Beach
Why your business is Green? AB is the first LEED Certified city in Florida.
ZIP 32250
Robert Hawkinson
Business Name Fresh Mulch Company-WeedRecede
Why your business is Green? Patented Soil and Waterbiodegradable Weed Barrier Mulch Bags that eliminate billions and billions of single use Poly mulch bags, eliminate herbicides, and helps control weeds. Our Recede™️ Bioplastic can be used for many other purposes too including bags, liners, etc.
ZIP 32244
Work Phone 9046990046
Mallory Hopkins
Business Name Medcom Benefit Solutions
ZIP 32204
Work Phone 9044213615
Adam Hoyles
Business Name SWCA Incorporated
Why your business is Green? We work with builders and owners to assess sites for environmental resources, determine and calculate mitigation requirements, and obtain environmental permits.
ZIP 32204
Work Phone 9043847020
Kelly Karstaedt
Business Name Karstaedt & Stanko, P.A.
ZIP 32207
Christina Kelcourse
Business Name NFGCC
ZIP 32250
Michael Kelcourse
Business Name Sunshine Organics and Composting
Why your business is Green? Composting cleans the air, reduces the landfill and creates nutrient rich soil to grow our community.
ZIP 32208
Work Phone 904-900-3072
Marci Larson
Business Name North Florida TPO
Why your business is Green? North Florida Clean Fuels coalition & initiatives
ZIP 32209
Work Phone 904.306.7500
Thomas Larson
Business Name Jax Metro/Self-Help Credit Union
Why your business is Green? Community development; Environmental stewardship missions are baked into our corporate DNA; Sustainability, EE & EV commitments
ZIP 32225
Work Phone 904-360-5143
Darrin Lindsay
ZIP 32250
Work Phone 2393406900
Kim MacEwan
Business Name tag! Children's Museum
ZIP 32084
Work Phone 904-647-1757
Medcom Marketing
Business Name Medcom Benefit Solutions
Why your business is Green? We work to support business that give back and have internal committees that work in the community.
ZIP 32204
Work Phone 800-523-7542
Dianya Markovits
Business Name St. Augustine Amphitheatre
ZIP 32080
Charles Mason
Business Name Signal 88 of West Jacksonville
Why your business is Green? To lessen our footprint.
ZIP 32207
Work Phone (888) 303-5862 Ext 101
Jason McCord
Business Name Bio-Tech Consulting
Why your business is Green? Our firm is made up of environmental professionals and scientists who know and understand what can happen if the world doesn't focus on being green and sustainable.
ZIP 32246
Work Phone 877-894-5969
India Morrow
Business Name Gardenista Succulents & More
Why your business is Green? I teach people about houseplants and how to design within their home to purify air. I use recycled packaging to ship products nationwide and run my business from my home with solar panels.
ZIP 32082
David Naughton
Business Name Green Champion
ZIP 32250
Work Phone 904-662-9895
Kristina Nelson
Business Name FInger, Nelson & Maguire
ZIP 32210
Work Phone 904.565.1235
Deidre Omahen
Business Name Deidre "Dee" Omahen, Green Realtor
Why your business is Green? With my National Association of Realtors GREEN designation, I am proficient in all aspects of green real estate, providing money-saving value to customers through energy-saving resources.
ZIP 32081
Work Phone 9046076464
Naudia Pack
Business Name The Bodhi Tree Health $ Wellness
Why your business is Green? Organic
ZIP 32250
Work Phone 9044724312
Dolly Penland
Business Name Business Results
Why your business is Green? expanded online resources to reduce travel carbon footprint
ZIP 32210
Work Phone 904-374-9914
Missy Peters
Business Name Community First Credit Union of Florida
ZIP 32204
Work Phone 904.371.8090
Tracye Polson
Business Name Psychotherapy
Why your business is Green? Because together we can all make changes that will help with saving our planet.
ZIP 32224
Work Phone 904-599-5867
Ashley Powell
Business Name Building It Green Consulting
ZIP 32097
Allen Putnam
Business Name Beaches Energy
Why your business is Green? We are in the process of building two solar projects equal to 25 MW of energy. Community solar is the only cost effective way to deploy solar panels at this time.
ZIP 32250
Work Phone 904-247-6241
Denise Reagan
Business Name Garden Club of Jacksonville
Why your business is Green? We encourage members to join our commitment to building and preserving green spaces as we champion environmental responsibility. We seek to educate our community and the next generation about the Garden Club’s vision and the impact we have on the natural world.
ZIP 32204
Work Phone 904-355-4224
Kurt Wilson & Renee Goode
Business Name JEA
Why your business is Green? JEA recognizes the value of conserving our natural resources, and supporting our community in doing the same. JEA is a dedicated member by sponsoring the Green Chamber, made possible by Kurt Wilson & Renee Goode. For Water Bus Rebates: Susan Pokorny (904) 703-3289 Energy Bus Rebates: Steve Lawrence (904) 665-7747 JEA Solar: Dan Copeland (904) 327-0981 Electrification: Dave McKee (904) 710-2663 ; Commercial Accts: Donna Parker (904) 228-7981 Accounts: Kurtis Wilson & Renee Goode (904) 228-7981
ZIP 32202
Work Phone 904-665-7504
Dave Rogers
ZIP 32081
Nicky Runnels
Business Name Champion Brands
Why your business is Green? One of our core values is sustainability and reducing our environmental impact. We use compressed natural gas (CNG) and solar.
ZIP 32257
Work Phone (904) 268-1220 ext. 348
Rebecca Russo
Business Name BecCreative
ZIP 32216
Todd Sack
Business Name My Green Doctor
Why your business is Green? We show healthcare clinics and offices in 59 countries how to save money through environmental sustainability.
ZIP 32217
Work Phone 904-403-6446
Joe Sampson
Business Name Nuera Marketing
Why your business is Green? Reduced business costs, greater efficiency, good for culture, and at the end of the day, it's about doing business the right way.
ZIP 32207
David Shacter
Business Name TerraWise Homes, Inc
Why your business is Green? Green homebuilder
ZIP 32211
paul sifton
Business Name Bee Friends Farm Honey
Why your business is Green? We raise bees for the purpose of pollinating many of the foods we eat, flowers we enjoy, and to keep the bee populations alive and growing threw education.
ZIP 32073
Work Phone 904-219-3895
Marie Spottswood
Business Name H2O at Home
Why your business is Green? Company mission is to provide safe home care products for people and the environment
ZIP 32250
Work Phone 9546092401
Beth Sweeny
Business Name Flagler College
ZIP 32084
Work Phone 9048268679
Mary Tappouni
Business Name Breaking Ground Contracting
Why your business is Green? Breaking Ground Contracting is a leader in green, sustainable and resilient building. We also provide green building and sustainability consulting, education and training.
ZIP 32254
Work Phone 904-388-1350
Mary Tappouni
Business Name My Sustainability Officer
Why your business is Green? My Sustainability Officer assists business in identifying, meeting, tracking and reporting their sustainability goals.
ZIP 32254
Work Phone 904-504-6132
Mary Tappouni
Business Name Whole Heart
Why your business is Green? At Whole Heart we offer programs and publications that focus on the ‘people’ of the triple bottom line. We help businesses, board members and individuals perform better through scientifically proven practices to reduce stress, including gratitude, grief recovery, HeartMath® and Somatic Intuitive Training.™
ZIP 32204
Work Phone 805-231-0184
Shellie Thies
Business Name A1A Solar Contracting
Why your business is Green? A1A Solar provides sustainable, renewable energy solutions for homes and businesses in the Jacksonville area.
ZIP 32226
Work Phone 9044687861
Jessica Tittl
Business Name BiomeFuture, LLC
Why your business is Green? BiomeFuture, LLC is an innovation company dedicated to applying the knowledge and power of nature to the development of sustainable products and systems.
ZIP 32159
Jason Underwood
Business Name BrewHound Coffee Bar Co.
Why your business is Green? Because the initiative has to start at the ground level. We are the ground level and we are devoted to educating and informing our staff, customers and neighbors on how we can all be a part of a more conscious and collective effort to promote environmentally friendly business practices.
ZIP 32266
A. Quinton White White
Business Name JU MSRI
Why your business is Green? MSRI is a Silver LEED Building
ZIP 32211
Work Phone 9042567766
Michael White
ZIP 32233
Work Phone n/a

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