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Tim Armstrong
Business Name Eat Your Yard Jax
Why your business is Green? We are focused on sustainable food systems through supporting organic local agriculture. We provide organically grown edible plants to those who wish to grow their own food or engage in community supported agriculture. We also host field trips and workshops to educate about the importance of sustainable local agriculture and how to participate in it.
ZIP 32219
Work Phone 9043439575
Robert Hawkinson
Business Name Fresh Mulch Company-WeedRecede
Why your business is Green? Patented Soil and Waterbiodegradable Weed Barrier Mulch Bags that eliminate billions and billions of single use Poly mulch bags, eliminate herbicides, and helps control weeds. Our Recede™️ Bioplastic can be used for many other purposes too including bags, liners, etc.
ZIP 32244
Work Phone 9046990046
Christina Kelcourse
Business Name NFGCC
ZIP 32250
paul sifton
Business Name Bee Friends Farm Honey
Why your business is Green? We raise bees for the purpose of pollinating many of the foods we eat, flowers we enjoy, and to keep the bee populations alive and growing threw education.
ZIP 32073
Work Phone 904-219-3895

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