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Business Name Late Bloomers Garden Club of Jacksonville
Why your business is Green? We focus on quality of the environment through programs and action in the fields of horticulture, conservation, civic improvement, and education.
Charles Goodin
Business Name Johnny Appleseed Organic
Why your business is Green? Our products use cutting-edge microbiology and ethically-derived plant nutrition to produce the same effects as conventional fertilizers without the harmful environmental consequences.
ZIP 32219
Robert Hawkinson
Business Name Fresh Mulch Company-WeedRecede
Why your business is Green? Patented Soil and Waterbiodegradable Weed Barrier Mulch Bags that eliminate billions and billions of single use Poly mulch bags, eliminate herbicides, and helps control weeds. Our Recede™️ Bioplastic can be used for many other purposes too including bags, liners, etc.
ZIP 32244
Work Phone 9046990046
Joseph Walthall
Business Name Native Nurseries of Tallahassee
Why your business is Green? We were one of the first plant nurseries in the state, to focus on native plants and their environmental impact. We have been working on sustainability and green practices over the course of our 40 years and continue to strive to stay ahead of the green curve using all information and resources available.
ZIP 32308
Work Phone 8503868882

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