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Paige Boshears
Business Name FreshJax Organic Spices
Why your business is Green? We're committed to reducing our footprint on the Earth. Here are just a few ways we're making it happen. Offer gift wrapping supplies made from recycled paper , recyclable materials used in all product packaging , shipping in recyclable and reusable boxes, and air drying bottles after sanitizing rather than electric bottle driers.
ZIP 32256
Work Phone 904-909-1516
Dan Godwin
Business Name Kathy's Table
ZIP 32216
Work Phone 904-240-0437
Mason King
Business Name Consider It
Why your business is Green? Our Mission is to do everything possible to accelerate the advent of sustainable practices for our planet. We do that through supporting and educating businesses, creating diverse content, and providing a networking platform for considerate ideas to be shared.
ZIP 32266
Nicky Runnels
Business Name Champion Brands
Why your business is Green? One of our core values is sustainability and reducing our environmental impact. We use compressed natural gas (CNG) and solar.
ZIP 32257
Work Phone (904) 268-1220 ext. 348
paul sifton
Business Name Bee Friends Farm Honey
Why your business is Green? We raise bees for the purpose of pollinating many of the foods we eat, flowers we enjoy, and to keep the bee populations alive and growing threw education.
ZIP 32073
Work Phone 904-219-3895
Jason Underwood
Business Name BrewHound Coffee Bar Co.
Why your business is Green? Because the initiative has to start at the ground level. We are the ground level and we are devoted to educating and informing our staff, customers and neighbors on how we can all be a part of a more conscious and collective effort to promote environmentally friendly business practices.
ZIP 32266

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