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Business Name Kelco Recycling
Why your business is Green? Our ability to extract high percentages of recyclable material from our client’s waste stream translates into landfill disposal avoidance with the savings passed through to the customer.
ZIP 32250
Work Phone 904-254-1968
Susan Carew
Business Name Duval Green School Program
Why your business is Green? Sustainability, Green schools
ZIP 32204
Work Phone 904-858-6362
Jean charles
Why your business is Green? Earth is the most precious gift!
ZIP 32254
Work Phone 904-662-0961
Tara Dodson
Business Name Full Circle Resource Management, LLC
Why your business is Green? Sustainability Consultants - Green products, reduced plastics, waste management
ZIP 32080
Work Phone 904-814-2172
Sara Fagen
Business Name Eco Eclectic LLC
Why your business is Green? Selling and promoting sustainable products, shipping plastic free and with recycled materials, choosing sustainable options when it comes to business cards and promotional items, offering services for our community to make sustainability easy, accessible, and affordable, and partnering with non-profits to help spread awareness.
ZIP 32266
Robert Hawkinson
Business Name Fresh Mulch Company-WeedRecede
Why your business is Green? Patented Soil and Waterbiodegradable Weed Barrier Mulch Bags that eliminate billions and billions of single use Poly mulch bags, eliminate herbicides, and helps control weeds. Our Recede™️ Bioplastic can be used for many other purposes too including bags, liners, etc.
ZIP 32244
Work Phone 9046990046
Michael Kelcourse
Business Name Sunshine Organics and Composting
Why your business is Green? Composting cleans the air, reduces the landfill and creates nutrient rich soil to grow our community.
ZIP 32208
Work Phone 904-900-3072
Mason King
Business Name Consider It
Why your business is Green? Our Mission is to do everything possible to accelerate the advent of sustainable practices for our planet. We do that through supporting and educating businesses, creating diverse content, and providing a networking platform for considerate ideas to be shared.
ZIP 32266

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