Our Mission: To promote the region’s economy by helping businesses thrive with a focus on people, planet, and prosperity for generations to come.

Welcome to The North Florida Green Chamber of Commerce (NFGCC) where being green is cool and convenient!  Today, more businesses than ever understand how critical it is to grow in ways that are sustainable financially, but also socially and environmentally. Our vision is a thriving North Florida where businesses and local leaders enrich the lives of the community by being socially and environmentally responsible.

It feels good to do good!

The very fact that you are here indicates you want to run your business and your life doing your part for protecting our air, water and the quality of life we enjoy and so do your employees.  The good news is you can do ALL of this and more and as you will discover, being green is actually a powerful economic advantage!

First, a majority (78%) of consumers want to support socially responsible businesses and 63% look to businesses to take a lead on social and environmental change.

Second, the Internet makes it easier than ever for consumers to know where you stand and 87% indicated your leadership would directly influence their buying decision. (source: Corporate Social Responsibility study, 2017 Cone Communications).

Third, environmentally friendly changes are profitable in so many ways and getting more so every day.  But it’s not always easy, and it helps to know where to turn for guidance and support.  NFGCC focuses our efforts on making these choices simpler and easier for you and all other local businesses, with competitive advantages that make your business more sustainable including

  • Access to education, toolkits, resources and sustainable products & services
  • Recognition of your sustainability efforts and leadership
  • Advocacy of business-friendly policies and legislation to further our mission

Here locally in North Florida, we host live member events, focusing our advocacy on improving advantages for businesses and consumers in Nassau, Duval, Saint Johns, Flagler, Baker, Clay, Putnam, Union, Bradford and Alachua counties.

At a National level, NFGCC is an authorized chapter of the United States Green Chamber of Commerce (USGCC). This gives our members even more advantages, including cutting edge news and technical advances, greater experience and resources, research, tools, webinars and training, internationally-recognized certifications and connections. 

Globally, our close relationship with USGCC gives us a direct pulse on the latest sustainable business trends, best practices and green innovation around the world.  This connects us with international government and business leaders on green economics, and increasing access to national and international experts and speakers who can bring these new concepts to our members here in North Florida.

I am thrilled to the NFGCC and hope you will join us in making North Florida a leader in supporting sustainable businesses, protecting our beautiful natural environment us and enhancing the lives of all of our residents.

Many thanks to our Members, Sustainable Think Tank, Leadership Team, and Sponsors for your invaluable support in making this vision a reality!  

Be Bold. Go Green

Green businesses are no longer outliers. Sustainability is mainstream. More and more business owners and managers are finding that cost savings and increased profits are to be found in eco-friendly initiatives.

Additionally, consumers are expecting more from companies. In fact, 87% of American’s have “high expectations for companies to do more than make a profit.” Investment portfolios with social responsibility criteria have seen “double digit growth” In recent years. A study completed by the Harvard Business School found that “High Sustainability companies outperform Low Sustainability companies both in stock market as well as accounting performance.” 

By growing strong and resilient companies, green businesses are creating some of the most fulfilling jobs available. Companies that have embraced sustainability have seen consistent and positive growth over the past decade, making more jobs all along the way.  And not only are these companies creating jobs, but they are attracting committed and talented employees.  

Businesses with a sustainability focus are being steered by some of the bravest and boldest leaders in the business world. Some of these leaders had a vision for a green business from the start and others took the reins of large corporations and redirected company energy into sustainability initiatives, realizing that long term growth and resilience were more important than short term balance sheets.  

Green businesses are being led by some of the most daring and innovative minds in the business world. These businesses are reinventing whole industries and creating new ones along the way. These innovators range from those that simply build a better mousetrap to mad scientist types leading the charge into tomorrow

Progress is being made not only by the biggest brands and largest corporations, there are plenty of green companies right in your backyard. From small farm-to-table restaurants to regional banks, small to midsize businesses are turning greener every day.  Green business is the future!

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