Natural Awakenings: Green Chamber is a Great Resource for Small Businesses

By Isabella Wiedecke

Special to Natural Awakenings

Small businesses often struggle with finding environmentally friendly products that are easily accessible to them. Time and resources can be tight for small business owners.

The North Florida Green Chamber of Commerce has put together a few simple and low-cost things you can do to boost your employee’s health and wellbeing which won’t take too much effort or break the bank.

Introducing healthy catering meetings and work get-togethers can really help to establish communication and comfortability throughout a business.

Promote standing and/or walking meetings to encourage a bit of extra physical activity throughout the day.

Simple things such as putting up encouraging and positive posters in the office with healthy tips can stimulate even the smallest change in a person’s mindset.

Even mapping out possible walking/running/cycling routes close by work can encourage lunchtime activity and movement throughout the workday.

Get to know your employees and use the skills and expertise within your own organization, you may well have someone who is keen on physical activity or meditation sessions that can help inspire other employees to do the same.

Look to healthier options when considering rewards and incentives for employees, for example, fruit baskets and gym vouchers to promote wellbeing.

The Green Chamber, a business network that promotes sustainable business practices, advises businesses in Northeast Florida to think about keeping quantities to a sensible level, like providing food and an option of non-alcoholic drinks.

Make known the safe options for transportation and promote a smoke free environment with the help of simple posters and the ‘my quit buddy’ app for employees who are struggling to stop.

The Green Chamber is a great resource that can help boost your employees’ wellbeing by bringing them together in a green and clean environment with various offers and opportunities.

“I think the best benefit they get is that they become part of a community, with other businesses that care about being green. It’s refreshing to know that there is a large group of people that feel the same way,” said Green Chamber Executive Director Christina Kelcourse.

The Green Chamber is a regional networking organization for all sizes of businesses and community organizations in Northeast Florida that are committed to green and sustainable business practices and support the growing Green Marketplace.

The Green Chamber has ongoing networking and educational events and benefits including the networking events, and virtual meetings, a Buyers’ Club, Sustainability Coaches, the Solar Collective, a Student Advisory Council, job fairs, newsletter as well as sponsorship opportunities, discounts, awards, and a mentoring program.

To learn more email, call (904) 878-3474 or visit

(Isabella Wiedecke is a student at the University of North Florida and Green Chamber Communications intern.)

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