Achieve the Triple Bottom Line Advantage

If you’re like most business owners in our region you want to build a sustainable, profitable company. You care about your community, your employees and others who depend on you, and you want to protect the natural beauty that makes our North Florida lifestyle so special. 

The North Florida Green Chamber of Commerce (NFGCC) focuses on helping all of our members achieve these goals, and more. As a member, you establish that you are a leader by making a statement to others that your employees, our planet and profitability are all important to your success and legacy. This is the triple bottom line advantage

It is up to those of us in the business community to assume a leadership role, ensuring that people are always first: our families, employees, suppliers and others who depend on us for their security and lifestyle. We have a responsibility to insist on the best possible air and water quality for our communities and we must make this a priority for our local, state and federal government officials.

Sustainable business practices start first in our own companies and homes. Then by publicly supporting and rewarding other clean businesses in the Green Chamber’s Green Marketplace, choosing them whenever possible, we encourage more business owners and citizens to join this rapidly growing movement. 

Your voice matters.  Through your membership you help the North Florida Green Chamber of Commerce become a more powerful advocate for all businesses and provide your business the triple bottom line advantage. 

Running and maintaining profitable businesses that are sustainable ensures our impact and legacy will last well beyond our own lifetimes…and leaves a greener, more caring and secure future for everyone.

  • Summer Green Drinks July: Southern Grounds San Marco
     July 18, 2024
     4:30 pm - 7:00 pm

We are thrilled to announce that Summer Green Drinks is back and better than ever with our partners at the Jacksonville Climate Coalition!  Make new connections and create opportunities with others that share your love of our community.  July event will be held at Southern Grounds San Marco location, 4:30pm to 7pm. Celebrate Plastic Free (more…)

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